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by Tony Maygarden

The late '70s brought an even greater mainstream acceptance of science fiction and space oriented popular culture. With the release of Star Wars (and its sequels), Star Trek: The Motion Picture (and its sequels), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., etc., etc., a new batch of "space" albums hit the market, most with the various aforementioned movie themes done to a disco beat. These are beyond the scope of this article, and my ears ability to listen to them. They will not be covered in a future article.

Patrick Gleeson's Star Wars LP cover

Cover to Patrick Gleeson's Star Wars, one of the better examples of many similarly themed albums released in the late '70s and '80s.


Adventures in Sound and Space LP cover


Adventures In Sound and Space
Col. Frank Erhardt & Cast

Another imaginary voyage, this time with a cast of characters. Heavy on the dialogue and sound effects, with some orchestral music directed by Marty Gold. Script and score by C. E. Crumpacker. Released on the RCA Children's Bluebird label, 1958.


Bobby and Betty Go to the Moon LP cover


Bobby and Betty Go to the Moon

A tale of two records: Side 1 = "A Lunar Adventure In The Year 1985." Interstellar Cadets Bobby and Betty are the first kids to make a trip to the moon. Fairly elaborate script, with lots of sound effects. A little too "educational," and marred by the inclusion of some canned classical music. Side 2 = The "Bobby and Betty" story has been jettisoned, instead we have "Party After Landing," a whole side of funky, rockin' instrumental party music with synth "space" effects! Library music, no doubt, but some credits would have been nice. Copyright by "Damil Productions." Released on Happy House Records, mid 1970s?



Flight F-I-N-A-L LP cover


Flight F - I - N - A - L
Written and Produced by Forrest McCullough

Subtitled "a dramatic comparison to death," this Christian themed album makes going to heaven sound like a space voyage. Passengers enter the "Terminal of Life," board through the "Gate of Death" onto the "Inter-World Airlines" spaceship/airliner and off they go to Glory. With sound effects and some rather stiff traditional sounding gospel songs sung by the combined choirs of Travecca Nazarene College. Custom "Flight F-I-NA-L" label, with no company or record label name; Tullahoma, TN address; 1965 copyright.


Spaced Out LP cover


Enoch Light Presents
Spaced Out/The Music of Bach,
Bacharach & The Beatles

Subtitled: "...integrating the Moog, The Guitar Scene, Electric Harpsichord, Flugelhorn, etc." Beatles songs include "Eleanor Rigby," "Norwegian Wood" and "Get Back" (with "fuzz" guitar by Vinnie Bell); Bacharach tunes include "Walk On By" and "What the World Needs Now Is Love." Arranged by Dick Lieb , who also played the Moog. Great Barbarella style cover. Released on the Project 3 label, likely early '70s release.



An Astromusical Odyssey LP cover

An Astromusical Odyssey
Sounds Galactic

Pop songs laced with studio sound effects. Read more about this album in E.G.'s London Phase 4 article..


Intergalactic Trot LP cover

Intergalactic Trot
Stardrive with Robert Mason

Synthesizer player Mason, ably abetted by a tight band featuring Michael Brecker on sax and Steve Gadd on drums, turns in a funky, jazz fusion set highlighted by some mighty wild synth playing. Originals songs by Mason with covers of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Want to Take You Higher." The liner notes claim Mason's custom built "Stardrive" synth is the first polyphonic (capable of playing more than one note at a time) performance synth. Huh. This "Quadradisc" issue adds to the futuristic effect. Released on Elektra, 1973.


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