by Tony Maygarden

It's Not Unusual 1st cover pic

The surprising, and rather crude original cover to Tom Jones' 1965 LP It's Not Unusual. It appears to be from a live show, with Tom in full swing. Two unidentified band members behind him look like they're struggling to keep up. The photo is poorly composed with noticeable flash shadows. It looks like it was taken by someone in the audience with an Instamatic. The white rabbit's foot attached to Tom's belt loop is kind of neat, though.

It's Not Unusual 2nd cover pic

The well known, and rather staid, replacement cover, obviously posed and photographed by a professional. The leafy twig is perhaps a little out of character.

The back cover, song lineup, and catalog numbers (PAS 71004) are the same for both. The front cover promotion of the song "Once Upon a Time" was dropped on the replacement cover, although it's featured on the back of both.

Another TJ cover change: the original Green, Green Grass of Home cover (pictured on the left), shows Tom standing in a field, looking rather cold, hands in coat pocket. The guys at Parrot just couldn't leave things alone, apparently, and later changed the cover photo to a swinging onstage shot. The song lineup and back cover picture are the same (song titles are added to the back, missing on the first release) and an "X" was added to the PAS 71009 catalog prefix.

The cold Green, Green Grass of Home cover...and the hot one.