Halloween Horror


by Tony Maygarden

Themes From Classic Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films LP cover

Themes From Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, music by Henry Mancini, Herman Stein, Hans J. Salter and others.

A terrific studiotrack with orchestrations by Dick Jacobs. Includes music from the horror films The Mole People, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Creature Walks Among Us, The House of Frankenstein, The Horror of Dracula, The Son of Dracula and The Revenge of the Creature. This copy is the 1978 reissue on Varese Sarabande. The original 1959 release on Coral Records featured narration by Bob McFadden and sound effects, which were thankfully left off this pressing. All in all, a great collection of "classic" orchestral horror themes.


Great Science Fiction Film Music LP cover

Great Science Fiction Film Music

Contains original soundtrack recordings from 20 classic science fiction and horror films including: Jack the Giant Killer, Kiss of the Vampire. Godzilla, Theatre of Blood, Return of Dracula, Green Slime, The Blob, Dracula Has Risen From the Grave and I Bury the Living. Since these are original soundtracks there is no real stylistic continuity, and the sound quality varies, but what a compilation! Of particular interest are the cuts by Japanese composer Akira Ifukube (Godzilla, Mysterians & Mothra), and the novelty horror pop songs "Green Slime" (by The Green Slimes) and "The Blob" (by The 5 Blobs). Released on the GSF label, and branded as a"Limited Collectors Edition" on the back cover, which indicates that it might not be a completely legit release.


Night of the Living Dead LP cover

Night of the Living Dead, musical supervisor Karl Hardman

The music used from the film came from the Capitol Production Music series, selected by Karl Hardman and edited into the film by director George Romero. They did an excellent job of melding the film and library music, giving the impression that this ultra-low budget film had a big budget soundtrack. The library music authors were given credit on this release (1982) for the first time. If you listen close you might recognize some of the themes used in other low-budget films!


Rosemarys Baby LP cover

Rosemary's Baby, music composed by Christopher Komeda

Christopher Komeda has developed a big cult following in recent years for his lush and atmospheric soundtracks. His innovative orchestrations produce sounds that seem unique-- how did he do that? The vocal arrangements are also quite stunning. The "Main Title" lullaby would be nice to sing to your little kid, but -- no.


Dressed To Kill, music composed by Pino Donaggio

"The Shower (Theme from Dressed To Kill)" is a nice dreamy, erotic lullaby. "The Museum" is suitably atmospheric for a scene in the film that has no dialogue. "Flight From Bobbi" starts building towards the climax of "Death in the Elevator" which features descending and ascending themes and Psycho-like pulsating strings. A very classy, understated score. Released in 1980.



The Howling LP cover

The Howling, music composed by Pino Donaggio

Lots of moody strings, dark atmospheres and tingly synth textures. I particularly like "Transformation" with its "whoop whoop whoop" looping sound.


Profundo Rosso LP cover

Profondo Rosso, music composed by Goblin & Giorgio Gaslini

Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) is another Dario Argento splatter fest. Side one of the score is by the group Goblin, with the funky and frenetic "Death Dies" a standout. Side two by Giorgio Gaslini keeps the funk alive with "Wild Session" and "Deep Shadows," both hooked on a fast funky rhythm, with psych guitars and crazy synth leads.

This reissue (and Il Gatto a Nove Code) have beautiful gatefold covers, and are pressed on heavy vinyl.


The Boogey Man LP cover

The Boogey Man, music composed by Tim Krog/Synthe-Sound-Trax

Lots of nice and fat analog synth sounds, including some nifty synthesized sound effects. The score is a tad derivative in parts, but with some real creative arrangements. Synths used include an Oberheim 8-voice modular synth, a Mini-Moog, a Crumar Multiman-S, and a Prophet V. The back cover states that this is a "Limited Collector's Edition" with only a thousand copies to be pressed. This one is hand numbered "480."